A schematic overview of the main actors, programmes and governance structure for alignment of national research.


Additional Information

The RCN's programme BIONAER "Sustainable innovation in food and biobased industries" has launched a call for proposals to support national-international networking activities within the scope of the programme.
Four groups were funded, two of which were diet and health related. The first one is a multidisciplinary network "Next generation's food production for a healthy life" based at The Norwegian University for Life Science. It aims to support the food industry and other stakeholders that must handle important future diet related challenges and to integrate the network with (at least) two networks at European level.
The second network is the "Norwegian Technology Platform (NTP) Food for life", at the Federation of Norwegian Food and Drink Industry. The aim of the network is to stimulate the Norwegian food industry to cooperate on solving common needs in R&D through national and European activities, to increase innovation in the food industry and stimulate participation from Norwegian food industry in European research cooperation.

The second JPI HDHL conference on March 28th, 2014 in Brussels was widely promoted by the Research Council of Norway(RCN) among relevant researchers and representatives from the industry, resulting in several Norwegian participants in Brussels. For more information please visit the website for the RCN programme BIONAER.
To support Norwegian researchers participation in the JPI HDHL Joint Action on "Biomarkers in Nutrition and Health" (BioNH) a National Information Day has been organized by RCN in April 2014.
Relevant institutions and researchers from all over the country were invited to the meeting to spread up information on the BioNH call and the JPI HDHL in general (SRA and 2014-2015 Implementation Plan presentation). To facilitate networking between partners and help to apply, a session for questions and/or work with the application forms was also organized.
As a result, 35% of the applications to the BioNH call include Norwegian partners, of which 29% in a leadership position.
In August 2014, an update on DEDIPAC KH (Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity Choice) progress was published on the website of the RCN programme Folkehelseprogrammet (Public Health)  and picked up by , the Scandinavia's largest website for research news. The focus is on Work Package "Development and pilot-testing of a toolbox to develop, monitor and evaluate policies related to dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviour using natural experiments across DEDIPAC member states" and on why so many people choose an unhealthy diet when they actually know better. An English translation of the article is available.