On 25th February 2015 JPI HDHL will organize a workshop about IPR, Open Access and Knowledge Sharing in Brussels. The workshop should deliver input on the critical aspects and barriers for the funders, the applicants and the coordinators of Joint Actions regarding these issues. This input will be processed in an update of the Quick Guide for Dissemination of JPI Research Project Results and additional needed actions/instruments will be identified.

In 2013, JPI HDHL developed a Quick Guide for Dissemination of Research Project Results. The guide aims to provide an overview of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Open Access issues to be taken into account within the JPI HDHL Joint Actions (JAs). In the meantime JPI HDHL has prepared three Joint Actions and four international consortia have been funded. Based on this experience – and by including the experience of other JPIs and ERANETs – JPI HDHL will evaluate if the Quick Guideline is sufficient in providing the Joint Actions advice and a framework to deal with issues related to IPR and Knowledge Sharing. To this aim, a Workshop will be organized next 25th February 2015 in Brussels. As a support to discussion, invitees will be asked to complete a questionnaire on their experience with issues related to IPR and Knowledge Sharing.

For more information about the activities of JPI HDHL related to IPR and Open Access and the Workshop, please contact Sara García at: sgrodriguez@isciii.es