The JPI HDHL has organized together with FACCE JPI and JPI Ocean a workshop on 11th April 2016  in Utrecht on “Food and Nutrition Security – role of the JPIs” . The workshop aim is to  discuss the follow-up actions to implement one of the two themes identified in the FACCE-JPI – JPI HDHL paper “Priority Joint Actions to contribute to the European Strategy on Food and Nutrition Security. Outcomes of the Grand Debate: Nutrition Security – a whole system approach”, published on 1st September 2015.

This paper originated from of the Grand Debate on Nutrition Security organised by FACCE-JPI and JPI HDHL at the European Commission  pavilion of the EXPO in Milan Spring 2015 identifies thematic research areas which would be beneficial of a collaborative approach of the two JPIs. This workshop will be the starting point of a series of workshops to further develop and prioritise the research questions outlined in the paper on the theme "Plant and animal production systems for better human nutrition and resilience to climate change" and to work towards an implementation strategy in collaboration with FACCE-JPI and with JPI OCEANS.


Download the programme of the event