BioNH (ERA-HDHL 2016)

Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health (co-funded call)

In February 2016, 14 countries launched the first ERA-HDHL Cofunded joint call for funding multilateral research projects on “Biomarkers for nutrition and health”. This Joint Action funded 12 projects that started in the beginning of 2017 for about 3 years.


A more complete understanding of the relationships between nutrition and health is central to deliver the vision of the JPI HDHL. However, the challenge of establishing these relationships is increased by the difficulties of accurately and objectively establishing dietary intake, nutritional status and the long-term trajectory from health to disease. As “characteristics that are objectively measured and evaluated as indicators of an exposure, biological process, or state of a biological system”, biomarkers can play a crucial role in addressing these difficulties and therefore in developing our understanding how health is related to nutrition. Numerous national and international authorities have presented general concepts for identification of biomarkers of disease. However, clear recommendations on biomarkers of nutrition and health are lacking. Reliable biomarkers or biomarker patterns will be crucial in monitoring key biological processes underlying the relationship between human nutrition and health, and will provide important tools for assessing status and efficacy of interventions. Biomarkers are, in turn, required in the process of substantiating Article 14 health claims through evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority.

Aim of the call

This call focuses on the identification and validation of biomarkers that are modulated by diet and that indicate a change in health status and/or the risk of developing diet-related diseases. Biomarkers of physical activity may be considered alongside diet.

The JPI HDHL aims to create an International Research Network on Biomarkers in Nutrition on Health (BioNH), it is therefore expected that funded project will be actively involved in relevant activities under the umbrella of the JPI HDHL (including workshops, conference, presentation at the Management Board of the JPI HDHL etc.).

Participating countries
CountryFunding OrganisationShort name
Austria Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy BMWFW
Belgium Public service of Wallonia, Directorate-General Operational for Economy, Employment and Research SPW-DGO6
Canada French National Research Agency ANR
Denmark Innovation Fund Denmark IFD
France French National Research Agency ANR
Germany Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture represented by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food BMEL/BLE
Germany Federal Ministry for Education and Research represented by the Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Centre BMBF/ DLR-PT
Ireland Science Foundation Ireland SFI
Italy Ministry of Education, University and Research MIUR
Italy Ministry of agricultural, food and forestry policies MiPAAF
The Netherlands The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development ZonMw
Poland The National Centre for Research and Development NCBR
Romania National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation ANCSI
Spain Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness ISCIII
Spain Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness MINECO
Turkey * The Scientific and Technological Research Council TUBITAK
United Kingdom Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council BBSRC

* Did not fund research projects in this call

Funded projects
BioFN Dr. Albert Koulman,
Univercity of Cambridge, UK
ALHABET Dr. Catherine Phillips,
University College Dublin, Ireland
BioNUGUT Matthias Laudes,
UKSH Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
CABALA_Diet&Health Kieran Tuohy,
Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy
DERIVE Mary Ward,
Ulster University, Ireland
FAME Prof. Matthias Schulze,
German Institute of Human Nutrition, Germany
FiberTAG Nathalie Delzenne,
Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
HEALTHMARK Ute Nöthlings,
University of Bonn, Germany
OXYGENATE Cecile Gladine,
INRA, France
SALAMANDER Martine Morzel,
INRA, France
SALIVAGES Massimo Collino,
University of Turin, Italy
VALID Helene McNulty,
Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health, UK
More Information
Research Framework

Contact : ANR (France)

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s
H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement n.696300

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