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Ministry of Social Affairs

The Ministry of Social Affairs tackles the state's social challenges by designing and implementing policies on social security and welfare. It ensures the timely distribution of benefits, manages social insurance and welfare services, and safeguards public health. The ministry promotes social equality, addresses the welfare of disabled individuals, and formulates policies on children's rights. It also shapes family policies, emphasizing the balance between work and personal life, and supports parental education. In essence, the ministry plays a crucial role in creating a socially equitable and inclusive society.

National Institute for Health Development

The National Institute for Health Development is a government established research and development body collecting, connecting and providing reliable national information from a multitude of sources, related to the health of the Estonian population.  It engages in public health related research and health promotion as well as development and implementation of disease prevention programmes and activities.

Ministry of Social Affairs

Suur-Ameerika 1, 10122 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: +372 626 9715


Mari Teesalu

Mari.Teesalu [at]

National Institute for Health Development (TAI)

Hiiu 42, 11619 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: Tel: +372 659 3900


Kristin Oja

kristin.oja [at]