Our Vision

The vision of the JPI A healthy diet for a healthy life is that by 2030 all citizens will have the motivation, ability and opportunity to consume a healthy diet from a variety of foods, have healthy levels of physical activity and that the incidence of diet-related diseases will have decreased significantly.


The grand challenge is to understand the most effective ways of improving public health through selected specific interventions targeting dietary and physical activity behaviours. In this respect, it is of paramount importance to address people’s needs, to understand how the healthy choice could be made the easy choice and to act on this knowledge. To meet this challenge, research is needed to increase the understanding of health-impacting behaviour with respect to making food choices and engaging in physical activity, to create insight in how the social and physical environment influence this behaviour and to raise consumer understanding of healthy foods and healthy diets. The European consumer population embraces diverse ethnic groups and immigrant populations, whose eating habits and diets may vary considerably and are currently only relatively poorly examined. The variety of foods and drinks consumed across Europe provides a major opportunity to study the relationship between food intake and health.

Joint programming will contribute significantly to the construction of a fully operational European Research Area on the prevention of diet-related diseases and strengthen leadership and competitiveness of the food industry by effectively integrating research in the food-, nutritional-, social- and health sciences to increase knowledge and deliver innovative, novel and improved concepts.

Joint programming of this kind of research by the the EU Members and Associated States has a high potential to deliver results that significantly improve public health and quality of life of consumers, and eventually to increase the innovation and competitiveness of the European Union.

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