Successful mid-term symposium of HDHL-INTIMIC projects

Successful mid-term symposium of HDHL-INTIMIC projects

At the beginning of this summer, the running JPI HDHL projects funded in 2 calls focusing on the intestinal microbiome met during a virtual mid-term symposium. The mid-term symposium was attended by almost 80 participants, including many young researchers. During the symposium the progress of the projects was presented, after which there was room for questions and discussion. Experts from the scientific evaluation panel and members of the JPI HDHL Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Stakeholder Advisory Board (SHAB) contributed to the discussions.

Research on the gut microbiome
The gut microbiome is the unique composition of the micro-organisms in the intestines of each individual and contributes, among other things, to the digestion of our food. The composition of the gut microbiome also influences metabolic processes related to the development and course of chronic diseases. The underlying mechanisms and the exact role of nutrition on this is still unclear. Therefore, the JPI HDHL has funded eleven research projects in the cofunded call “Interrelation of the Intestinal Microbiome, Diet and Health”, and is connecting these projects within the “Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health”.

The ultimate goal of the large number of projects is to develop pre- / probiotics, supplements or dietary guidelines to promote gut health and address microbiome-related chronic diseases.

Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health
The knowledge platform aims at harmonizing all current research in the field of intestinal microbiomics. During the symposium, the knowledge platform called for the sharing of available studies and data in the Dash-in database. Registration of all studies and research plans in the database, would facilitate collaboration and increase contact possibilities.

More information on the Dash-in database can be found through the following link

To learn more about the cofunded call projects and Knowledge Platform under the HDHL INTIMIC action:


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