In Europe today there is an increasing lack of public confidence in the food supply despite the fact that our food is arguably safer and more accessible than ever before. EUFIC has published a handbook on “How to talk about food risk” to proactively communicate about food, reassure the public about its safety, restore consumers’ trust in the authorities charged with regulating it, and help people understand how to eat safely and healthily.

The handbook focuses on the two specific aspects of food information communication: food risk communication in general, and in crisis situations and may serve as a condensed introductory guide to the basics of the topic. The objective of food risk communication is the process of informing audiences, frequently the general public, about food-related risk and safety issues, and providing sufficient information to allow them to take action to reduce or avoid risks.

This handbook is intended to be used as a quick reference handbook and to complement more comprehensive documents on the topic of food safety and risk communication that have been issued by several organizations. For more in depth information, readers are encouraged to consult the Further Reading section of the handbook .

The handbook also contains a series of infographics explaining key concepts in food and nutrition science that are often misunderstood or misinterpreted, in a simple and accessible way