Austrian FP9 Think Tank published a position paper on “Fostering Impact and Sustainable Collaboration in FP9 within a new Common Research, Technology and Innovation Policy”.

Austria, one of the member countries of the JPI HDHL, has established a FP9 Think Tank in May 2016 in order to develop ideas for a future European Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) policy, and specifically a more effective and efficient Framework Programme. Based on its Theses Paper the Think Tank elaborates further on some of the ideas in its second paper, and makes more concrete suggestions for the future of the EU’s RTI policy.

The paper does not represent the position of the Austrian government but is meant to be an expert’s input to the ongoing discussions on national and European levels. Core argument in the report is the call for increasing synergy and complementarity between existing research and innovation (R&I) programmes and mechanisms. A stronger, bigger and more focussed new Framework Programme building on the structure of H2020 is needed as well as national and European research and innovation policies well-aligned and complementary. The use of various instruments should be better aligned. The report explicitly calls for a further strengthening and a more strategic role of Joint Programming Initiatives in areas where the Framework Programme is not the most suited approach for aligning R&I policies.