A toolbox to promote national alignment to the JPI HDHL vision and strategy

A crucial challenge of the Joint Programming Process is the alignment of national and European research programmes and activities with the vision and the strategic research agenda endorsed by the participating countries. The goal of alignment activities is the reorientation of country’s national programmes, priorities or activities as a consequence of the adoption of a common research agenda. This research agenda aims to strengthen the food, nutrition and health research community and improve efficiency of investments. To support a broad implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda of JPI HDHL, a Toolbox has been made available on the JPI HDHL website with practical materials to be used at national level to promote discussion about JPI HDHL, the importance of research in the area of food, nutrition, physical activity and health, and facilitate the endorsement of common R&I priorities and instruments.

A significant amount of research activities on food, nutrition and health is taking place at country level. Alignment of these activities will increase the impact of the individual efforts of the involved countries to contribute to solutions of the global societal challenge that JPI HDHL is addressing.

The toolbox includes:

The video “Why Research on Nutrition & Health Matters
Brochure Joint Programming Initiatives
Discussion starter (self) assessment national alignment
Presentation National Alignment
Factsheet JPI HDHL Mirrorgroups

Further information is available about the national R&I structure and priorities around food, nutrition and physical activity of the JPI HDHL member countries and about national alignment within JPI HDHL

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