FoodNexus, a European network of multinational companies, SMEs and knowledge institutes in the area of food, is organizing the first FoodNexus Visioning Summit in Paris on 29-30 May. The aim is to provide clear recommendations on how to shape the future of food, starting from the question:
“What are the most urgent problems facing the food industry in the next 10 years, and how can we best meet these challenges?”
The JPI HDHL is participating in the summit through its new chair (from July 2018) Carlos Martinez Riera, who will give a presentation for the workshop on Food for health and wellbeing. The speakers also include the coordinator of the JPI HDHL ENPADASI network and a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Board.

The Nexus consortium, bringing together 43 members from industry and 28 from academia from 12 countries, is committed to strengthening the competitive and innovative power in the European food system, while contributing to solving today’s and tomorrow’s major societal challenges related to food security, sustainability, safety, and health.

Meeting such challenges efficiently requires industry to develop a clear vision and a strategic collaboration within the whole knowledge triangle and across the whole food system value chains, acting upon it together with decision makers. The event is arranged to target five aspects of common challenges to solve, and for which new initiatives across the European food system must be taken.

Themes of the Visioning Summit 2018:

1. Food security and sustainability
2. Food quality and safety
3. Food for health and wellbeing
4. The Digital agenda – Integration of novel technologies with social innovations
5. New business and innovation ecosystems

The summit will bring together experts from academia with leading industry partners and government (EU, National) officials, and the recommendations will be widely distributed after the event. The Programme and the Speaker Profiles are available at the event page on the nexus website.