Universal description of obesities - @OBEDIS at ECOICO2020

JPI HDHL @OBEDIS European expert guidelines

Prof. Laville of the @OBEDIS consortium chaired the Global Research Methodology workshop “Towards a universal description of obesities in clinical trials” at the European and International Congress on Obesity (ECOICO2020), held virtually on 01-04 September 2020. Aim of the workshop was to reach consensus among the stakeholders regarding an universal description of obesities in clinical trials.

The @OBEDIS consortium proposes a minimal core set of data to describe obesities in clinical trials. The minimal cores set was introduced during a short presentation, you can watch the recording here. In total it will take less than 3 hours to record all the parameters in a patient. During the workshop the point of view of (pharmaceutic) industry and patients was discussed.

The @OBEDIS consortium consisted of 30 experts from 13 countries and was funded within the JPI HDHL rapid action call ‘Working Groups on Diet-related Chronic Diseases’.

Find out more about the @OBEDIS outcomes

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