ERA-HDHL new call expected: “Addressing adverse and beneficial effects of food ingredients ...

New call expected “Addressing adverse and beneficial effects of food ingredients and food processing on hypersensitivities to food” (FOOD_HYPERSENS)

JPI HDHL is pleased to pre-announce the launch of a fifth additional non-cofunded joint activity under the umbrella of ERA-HDHL: “Addressing adverse and beneficial effects of food ingredients and food processing on hypersensitivities to food” (FOOD_HYPERSENS). Le launch of the call is expected on February 2nd, 2021.

The aim of this call is to address how food ingredients and food processing methods could favour or prevent the occurrence of food intolerances and allergies in society.

Proposals should include research on one or more of the following topics:
- the mechanisms, responsible for inducing or preventing food intolerances and food allergies, both in children and adults (e.g. immunity; inflammation; nutrient metabolism; genetics; microbiota; physiology);
- how food processing and food ingredients can modulate the occurrence of food allergies/intolerances;
- the development of new approaches to food processing (e.g. novel food ingredients, novel processing methods) to decrease food intolerance/food allergy;
- the development and/or validation of diagnostics/methods to distinguish between actual and perceived food intolerances and allergies (IgE and non-IgE-mediated);
- the development and/or validation of detection methods for adverse or beneficial food components generated through food processing.

The research to be funded within this call should have a multi-disciplinary approach. The projects should be consumer/patient-oriented: integration of the targeted population and end-users is strongly encouraged in the research throughout the various stages of research design, conduct, analysis and dissemination. Participation of industry (as a partner, as a collaborator, or in an advisory board) is strongly encouraged. Animal studies and in vitro work with a clear relevance to human health and the topic being proposed are within the scope of this call. Epidemiological studies are excluded from the call.

Currently, 9 funding agencies from 8 different countries intend to support this call to fund transnational research projects on hypersensitivities to food.


The FOOD_HYPERSENS call will follow a single-stage submission procedure followed by a rebuttal stage. The deadline for the submission of the proposals is April 8th, 2021. The rebuttal stage is expected between the 14thsup> and 24thsup> June 2021 and the final results by October 2020.

To know more about this new call, please check the pre-announcement, which also includes information on the participating countries/organisations and conditions for application.

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