EFFoST, one of the members of the JPI HDHL SHAB in pillar 2 “Diet & Food production”, is holding its 31st International Conference titled ”Food Science and Technology Challenges for the 21st Century – Research to Progress Society” in Sitges, Spain, from 14th to 16th November 2017. The 2017 conference will explore solutions to current and future challenges such as food safety and security, food fraud, waste reduction and sustainability, analytical techniques, novel technologies, functional foods, nutrition and health, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, open innovation & strategic alliances and knowledge transfer management. Among the special sessions, the conference is hosting a SUSFOOD session on the first day (14 November) where 11 projects funded under the FP7 ERA-Net SUSFOOD (2010-2014) will present and share their results.

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The Stakeholder Advisory Board (SHAB) is a communication platform of relevant political bodies and other stakeholders, established by the JPI HDHL to give advice and to ensure an adequate exchange of information in the field of food, nutrition & health, in particular in the three pillars identified in the strategic research agenda.

To know more about JPI HDHL SHAB, a series of interviews with representatives of different member organisations has been carried out.

EUFIC is the European Food Information Council, a non-profit organisation to communicate science-based information on nutrition and health, food safety and quality. EUFIC is a member of the SHAB for pillar 2: Diet & Food production.

Raymond Gemen, Senior Nutrition & Health Manager at EUFIC, has given an insight into the interest of EUFIC in the JPI HDHL, potential area of collaboration and personal interest in participating in the activities of SHAB.

The final programme of the JPI HDHL conference on the 1st December in Brussels is set. Networking, active participation and learning from other perspectives, insights and needs are main aspects of the interactive conference programme. The complete programme connects to the main theme: “To work towards more societal impact of nutritional science” and can be found on the conference webpage.

ENLP, the European Nutrition Leadership Platform, is a network of over 750 food and nutrition professionals from over 230 different organizations including academia, governmental and non-governmental departments, non-profit organizations and the private sector. Its mission is to establish a powerful, independent and sustainable network of leaders in nutrition worldwide to train, educate and inspire the next generation and ensure a strong impact on nutrition and health. ENLP launched in 2010 annual seminars, ENLP Essentials Programme and ENLP Advanced Programme, which have been proven as an extremely inspiring and effective model to develop leadership and communication skills. The 2018 edition of the Essentials and Advanced Programme Seminars will be held in Luxemburg on 21-29 March and 21-25 March 2018, respectively.

Recently the independent High Level Group chaired by Pascal Lamy published recommendations aimed at maximizing the impact of future EU research and innovation programmes. One of its main conclusions was to adopt a mission-oriented, impact-focused approach to address global challenges and mobilise researchers, innovators and other stakeholders to address them. The Joint Programming Initiative Chair Forum fully backs all these recommendations and strongly supports the vision. At the 3rd GPC Workshop on the future of Joint Programming on 7th November 2017 entitled “How to improve coherence of the partnership landscape and strengthen the delivery of partnerships on mission oriented programmes?” and jointly organized with the 10 JPIs the value of partnerships in mission oriented programmes will be discussed.

JPI HDHL is delighted to welcome a new full member country in the JPI HDHL community: Latvia. JPI HDHL now has 23 full member countries and 3 countries that are connected with JPI HDHL with an observer status. JPI HDHL is a country driven initiative and participation in JPI HDHL takes place at a country level. An active contribution to the activities of JPI HDHL is expected from its member countries, including preparation and participation in the meetings of the Management Board. In the Management Board all decisions relevant to the JPI are planned, taken and implemented.

The European Public Health Association-EUPHA, a member of the JPI HDHL Stakeholder Advisory Board, has published a report on Healthy and Sustainable diets for European countries. callings for all European states to establish a statutory Sustainable Nutrition Task Force, that considers and includes the wider aspects of food. EUPHA is an international umbrella organisation for public health associations bringing together around 17,000 public health experts for professional exchange and collaboration throughout Europe. The report  promotes a greater alignment of health and sustainability messages on diet and nutrition. It’s targeted at European leaders operating in the fields of health and nutrition, agriculture, food safety, education, consumer affairs and environmental protection.

The implementation of national wide dietary surveys is an essential component of surveillance programs and evaluation of food impact on health in European countries and it has been one of the pillar of the JPI HDHL Knowledge Hub DEDIPAC, CREA-AN (Food and Nutrition Research Center of the Agriculture Research Council and Agrarian Economy Analysis), already member of DEDIPAC, has launched IV SCAI, the IV Food Consumption Study in Italy, a sample survey aimed at collecting data on food consumption of the Italian population, with the harmonized methods recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The study is carried out under the EU-Menu program (OC-EFSA-DATA-2014-02-Lot1-CT03; Lot 2-CT05).

The MRC and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) have responded to a wide-reaching review of nutrition research in the UK with new proposals aimed at revolutionising the field. The Review of Nutrition and Human Health Research, commissioned by the Office of Strategic Coordination for Health Research (OSCHR), was overseen by an expert Review Group and its aims included a SWOT analysis of nutrition research relevant to human health in the UK (strengths and weaknesses, capacity, opportunities) and short-long term recommendations.

The 4th international conference of the Joint Programming Initiative “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” (JPI HDHL) will take place on Friday the 1st December 2017 in Brussels (Belgium). The conference will bring together and stimulate the dialogue between stakeholders in the area of food, nutrition and health including policy makers, funders, scientists, health care professionals, industry and NGO’s. The main theme of the conference is to work towards more societal impact of nutritional science. During the conference, an overview of the achievements and future objectives of the JPI HDHL, including the running Joint Actions, will be presented.

Programme in a nutshell
Networking, active participation and learning from other perspectives, insights and needs are core items of the JPI HDHL conference. The conference starts with an early bird programme. This programme exists of a training ‘Speech like Obama’ for a selected group of young scientists, the possibility to schedule speeddates with other participants of the conference and a plenary session on the role that JPI HDHL could play to easy the road from science and innovation.
The main conference programme includes elevator pitches about the relevance of the JPI HDHL projects where the young scientist are involved in; lectures about the importance of communication and stakeholder participation in research programming and a professional led audience debate. Furthermore, 4 parallel workshops are foreseen e.g. on public-private R&I collaboration; how to improve the impact of nutrition science; how to organize multi-stakeholder dialogues and a decision room session to provide input for the update of the Strategic Research Agenda.

The program details and registration form are available on the conference webpage

Suggestions for specific topics to be discussed at the Conference are very welcome and can be shared by posting a comment on the “save the date” message on our LinkedIn page or by sending an e-mail to JPIHDHL@zonmw.nl. More details about the conference will be shared at the JPI HDHL website and through Twitter and LinkedIn. For the report of the last JPI HDHL conference that took place on the 19th June 2015, please click here.