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Food2030: Finland feeds us and the world

A report on food policy has been published in March 2017 by the Finnish governement. The aim of the food policy is to promote the population’s nutritional status and well-being through food. Food policy covers a broad range of issues concerning the production, processing, distribution and consumption of food. The national economy, public health and the well-being of the environment are all closely connected to food policy decisions.
The report is part of Finnish national food policy, and it sets out the policy objectives and key priorities of the activities far into the future. It is stated that “food policy cannot achieve its goals and the vision cannot be made reality unless the Government, the Parliament and the entire food system are committed to the common strategy and its long-term implementation”.
The report also includes an research and innovation chapter which mentions amongst other that:
“While Finnish research relevant to the food system is of a high standard in many ways, in places it still remains too fragmented. More multidisciplinary networking across the boundaries of different branches of science is needed in Finland. In addition, internationalisation of the research sector needs to be improved and financial instruments for international research should be utilized. Food is in a key role not only in bioeconomy but also in culture, social interaction and health. More international research and product development cooperation between different branches of science could open up opportunities of a completely new type”.

Please click here to read the full report and visit the following website for more information on Finnish agricultural and food policies.

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