The Secretariat is responsible for supporting the activities of the governing structure of JPI HDHL and is financed jointly through a European Commission’s Coordination and Support Action (until February 2021) and (in kind) contributions of the JPI HDHL member countries.

The Secretariat is coordinated by ZonMw and has nine other partners. The Secretariat serves as the central hub for all of JPI HDHLs activities and the central point of communication with the different bodies of JPI HDHL. Its responsibilities include the development of strategy and action plans and overseeing the implementation of these plans. The secretariat – in close collaboration with the Chair and Steering Committee of JPI HDHL also develops links with other public and private transnational research initiatives as well as towards the relevant DGs of the EC.

The current Secretariat consists of a consortium of ten organisations:

  • ZonMw, the Netherlands Organisation of Health Research and Development, Netherlands
  • DLR Project Management Agency, Germany
  • MIPAAFT, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and Tourism (Italy)
  • ANR, the French National Research Agency, France
  • ILVO, Research institute for agriculture and fisheries, Belgium
  • INRA, the French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), France
  • BLE, the Federal Office of Agriculture and Food, Germany
  • HRC, the Health Research Council of New Zealand, New Zealand
  • TC AS, The Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
  • ISCIII, Carlos III Health Institute, Spain
Contact details of the JPI HDHL governing bodies
General Coordination and Secretariat Management Board Chrissie Brierley (coordinator) ZonMw, The Netherlands
Secretariat Scientific Advisory Board Kristina Foterek DLR, Germany
Secretariat Stakeholder Advisory Board Nikki De Clercq ILVO, Belgium
Coordination ERA-HDHL Martine Batoux ANR, France
Coordination HDHL-INTIMIC Kristina Foterek DLR, Germany
Communication Annamaria Marzetti MIPAAFT

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