For 10 years, countries from Europe and beyond have been joining forces in Joint Programming Initiatives to tackle major societal challenges. To take stock at this milestone, and in light of the ongoing discussions about Horizon Europe, the Austrian EU Presidency organized a conference on ’10 Years Joint Programming – Achievements and the Way Forward’ on September 19 and 20 in Vienna, with the support of PI Urban Europe and FFG in cooperation with all JPIs. Discussions centered around the achievements of the JPIs, future contributions to strengthening the European Research Area and the importance of science-policy cooperation to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to discussing these themes, the ten JPIs used the occasion of the conference to present their joint JPI Chairs declaration, Driving research and innovation to address global challenges, summarising their views and ambitions for future development and impact. The declaration was officially handed to the Chair of the High Level Group for Joint Programming (GPC), asserting once more the importance of the commitment from Member States as well as the support by the Framework Programme. In his keynote speech Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, emphasised the challenge to re-establish science as a reliable source for evidence and the different roles of science to advise policies.

JPI HDHL chair Carlos Martinez stated that JPIs are essential components of the future missions approach, since JPIs have always worked on aligning policies and priorities, filling knowledge gaps, developing common resources and grounds for cooperation and pursuing ambitious goals of large societal impact.

A newly developed JPI video was also premiered at the conference, showing the societal challenges the JPIs are working on and their achievements and added value. A quote from dr. Jildau Bouwman, coordinator of the JPI HDHL ENPADASI project, has been included to illustrate the benefits of capacity building through a Knowledge Hub funding instrument.