HDHL media toolkit

Why research on nutrition and health matters


A crucial element of the joint programming process is the alignment of national and European research programmes and strategies with the Strategic Research Agenda. The goal of alignment activities is a broad implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda of HDHL. A significant amount of research activities on nutrition and health is taking place at country level. Alignment of these activities will increase the impact of the individual efforts of the involved countries to contribute to solutions of the global societal challenge that HDHL is addressing.

What is alignment?

Alignment is the strategic approach taken by countries to modify their national programmes, priorities or activities as a consequence of the adoption of joint research priorities in the context of joint programming with a view to implementing changes to improve efficiency of investment in research at the country level and the European Research Area.

Documents for National Mirror Groups
  • Information about the national R&I structure and priorities around food, nutrition and physical activity of the JPI HDHL member countries
  • Information about national alignment within HDHL
  • Toolbox with practical materials to support national conversations about HDHL, national alignment around Research and Innovation (R&I) in the area of food, nutrition and physical activity and the importance of research in the area of food, nutrition and physical activity.