HDHL strategy

HDHL has the strategic goal to improve dietary quality in an environmentally-sustainable way, based on insights and developments in food, nutrition and the social and health sciences, and to develop evidence-based recommendations and innovative formats for food products. Together with changes in physical activity/sedentary behaviour this should have a major impact on public health, increasing quality of life and prolonging productive life, simultaneously reducing the environmental burden of diet.

The Strategic Research Agenda defines the mid to long term framework for coordinated and structured research activities. The Implementation Plan defines the road map of activities that HDHL and its member countries aim to carry out jointly in a period of 2-3 years. Furthermore thematic action plans have been developed to increase the position and impact of HDHL.

The 3rd edition of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) provides a framework for coordinated and structured research activities in order to achieve tangible societal impact. It offers individual member countries a solid basis for alignment of goals, objectives and strategies. Though written from the perspective of its members, the SRA can also inspire governments, nongovernmental organizations and industries, around the world, to align their research and policy-making activities.

The Implementation Plan translates the objectives of the Strategic Research Agenda into tangible targets for the next three years and defines concrete funding and non-funding activities that will be carried out by HDHL in the coming years.

The Implementation Plan 2022-2024 has been developed in a joint effort by the Management Board, Scientific Advisory Board, and the Stakeholder Advisory Board. 

The core principle of HDHL is to facilitate coordination between policy makers within the countries involved. This in order to support collaboration between scientists to generate new scientific knowledge, share existing knowledge and expertise, and bring together important datasets in the areas of food, nutrition and health. Stakeholder engagement is therefore of crucial importance for HDHL in order to deliver on the societal challenge that it is facing.

The aim of the communication strategy is to improve and strengthen the visibility of the 'Healthy Diet, Healthy Life' and effectively disseminate its activities and results amongst the stakeholders community.