Directorate-Generale for Health and Food Safety

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Directorate-Generale for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) stands for making Europe a healthier, safer place, where citizens can be confident that their interests are protected.


EU Strategy on nutrition, health issues, food safety, plant-animal health, consumer


Their aim is to protect and improve public health ensure Europe's food is safe and wholesome protect the health and welfare of farm animals protect the health of crops and forests. To achieve their goals, they monitor, listen to concerns and take action.


Once the EU has passed laws on food and product safety, consumer rights or public health, it is up to national, regional and local governments to apply those laws. They have to ensure traders, manufacturers and food producers stick to the rules. Part of DG SANTEs job is to check that this is really happening.


When policies are made, DG SANTE wants to hear from all interested parties through consultation. DG SANCO considers the related EU policies on trade, competitiveness and the environment for example, and the concerns of our stakeholders.


Where EU action is needed, DG SANTE proposes laws and support projects. They also support national or regional authorities in areas where they are better placed to act.