Federation of European Nutrition Societies

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The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) is a non-profit federation that was established for public benefit to advance research and education in the science of nutrition.


The FENS consists of 26 European Nutrition societies, each representing one country. It promotes learning among nutritionists in general and European nutritionists in particular, by means of meetings, discussions, the exchange of information and by other appropriate means.

FENS’ aim is to combine efforts for the development of research and education in Nutrition Sciences and to promote the importance of Nutrition for public health in Europe. It aims:

  • To coordinate the European countries Nutrition societies at a European level
  • To promote and disseminate research and knowledge on Nutrition sciences
  • To organize a European Nutrition Conference every 4 years, together with other scientific meetings
  • To facilitate Nutrition learning and training as well as scientific exchanges across Europe