Strategic Research Agenda

The Strategic Research Agenda defines the mid to long term framework for coordinated and structured research activities.

3rd Edition of the Strategic Research Agenda

The 3rd edition of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) provides a framework for coordinated and structured research activities in order to achieve tangible societal impact. It offers individual member countries a solid basis for alignment of goals, objectives and strategies. Though written from the perspective of its members, the SRA can also inspire governments, nongovernmental organizations and industries, around the world, to align their research and policy-making activities.

Area Model

In the 2015 edition of the Strategic Research Agenda, the determinants of diet and physical activity were combined into one research pillar. However, in the current agenda, nutrition and physical activity are at the centre of the research direction, spanned by three interconnecting and interacting areas:

  • Area 1: Citizens, Diet and Behaviour Measuring, monitoring and changing dietary and physical activity behaviour
  • Area 2: Food for Health Providing safe and nutritious food products for a healthier and sustainable diet, that will contribute to secure a future-proof food system
  • Area 3: Diet, Health and Disease Targeting the mechanisms to promote health and help reduce lifestyle-related diseases.