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CLEVERFOOD is a Horizon Coordination and support Action (CSA) that started on February 2023 and lasts three years.


The objective of CLEVERFOOD is to mobilise all European food system stakeholders at the local, regional, national and supra-national level. Also, to develop transformative governance models to shift the food system towards more sus-tainable, resilient and regenerative food production and consumption that will contribute to keeping the global aver-age temperature below 1.5 °C global warming and staying within planetary boundaries, while at the same time en-suring proper nutrition and healthy diets, improving circularity and resource use efficiency, boosting innovation and empowering communities.


The objective will be achieved by developing and deploying a pan-European Food 2030 multi-actor and public engagement mechanism to:

  • Provide targeted and complementary support for ongoing, new and upcoming European projects, partnerships and networks.
  • Facilitate shared learning in an inter-linked and self-sustaining multi-level structure of connected Policy Labs and Living Labs, where farmers, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, educators, knowledge brokers, industry leaders and policy makers are working together with empowered citizens across Europe to co-create the sustainable and more plant-based FS of the future.

The pan-European Food 2030 multi-actor and public engagement mechanism will be developed based on mutual learning and by performing a thorough analysis of the experiences, successes and failures of the different types of policy labs, city labs, and living labs included in the four European projects FIT4FOOD, FOODSHIFT, FOOD TRAILS and FUSILLI. The interlinked structure of Policy Labs and Living Labs will connect all policy labs and living labs from on-going, new and upcoming European food system projects, partnerships and networks.


CLEVERFOOD brings together an exceptionally strong multi-stakeholder consortium composed of six research institutions, four government institutions, four Non-Governmental Organisations, four small and medium enterprises /non-profit organisations, and one school from nine different countries across Europe that are joining forces together with four networks based in Brussels featuring a total of 677 partners, members, and cities, covering all Member States in Europe.

HDHL – through its secretariat at ZonMw - is one of the partners within the consortium and is responsible to organise policy dialogues in focus countries. 

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More information on the CSA can be found on the CLEVERFOOD website.

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