The overall goal of FOODPathS is to design the selforganizing prototype of the‘Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Food Systems (SSFS) for people, planet, and climate’ by following a systems approach and catalysing a change in mind-sets.

FOODPathS is a Horizon Coordination and support Action (CSA) that started on June 2022 and lasts three and a half years.


FOODPathS designs a prototype which serves as the first version of how the future partnership will function, including all its components such as the innovative, effective and inclusive governance model, Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) supporting Food2030 priorities, a self-learning-organising Modus Operandi, and its inclusion in a network of Partnerships and food system initiatives. FOODPathS will not only present the prototype (in 2023/2024) but also accompany its start by testing, analysing, communicating and adapting methodologies, (digital) tools, programs, working protocols and a dedicated multi-level governance model with partnership funders, beneficiaries and the wider public. 


The consortium is coordinated by the Institut National de Recherche pour l'Agriculture, l'Alimentation et l'Environnement (INRAE). FOODPathS brings furthermore together 17 partners across Europe from funding organizations, public institutions, academia, research and education organisations, private and farming sectors (including Small and Medium Enterprises), philanthropic organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, and not-for-profit organisations. They all represent networks of potential co-funders, regional and, local policymakers, universities, private parties and farmers, consumers and civil society. Thanks to appropriate resources and events, all these necessary stakeholders along the food chain will be actively involved to shape the future Partnership.


HDHL – through its secretariat at ZonMw - is one of the partners within the consortium. The responsoblilities for HDHL are to:

  • Map, align, and convene co-funders to enable a transformation from established funding schemes towards system-based funding approaches.
  • Define and run a clear impact-driven communication, dissemination & exploitation strategy, to forge and sustain social relationships between organisations and people of the Partnership, and beyond.

Want to know more?

More information on the CSA can be found on the FOODPathS website.

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